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COVID-19 Response

How J. Roberts Heating and Cooling is Handling COVID-19

At J. Roberts Heating and Cooling, we take the safety of our customers and our staff seriously. While this is true every day, it’s especially important in this time of heightened concern. Because our services play a vital role in maintaining health, safety, and comfort in the O'Fallon area, we will be remaining open during this time. But, you can rest assured that we’re taking steps to minimize the impact of COVID-19.

Below you will find a brief outline of our plan for addressing the virus. If you need service, please call our main line at (314) 606-1191.

How J. Roberts Heating and Cooling is Working to Protect You

Per the CDC and WHO guidelines, we are making some changes to our normal operating procedures. We will also be adopting rigorous cleaning protocols during the outbreak. While these adjustments may seem inefficient or awkward, they’re necessary to ensure the health of those we serve.

  • Staff Care: Any employees showing symptoms will be asked to remain home until medically clear.
  • Scheduling Questions: When you call to make an appointment, our office team will ask if anyone is experiencing any symptoms or any health issues we need to be made aware of. Please note that answering “yes” to any of these will not disqualify you from service. It will just allow our staff to be properly equipped with the appropriate personal protective gear.
  • Safety Measures: Troubleshooting equipment can sometimes be done from the exterior of your home, but there are times when our staff must go inside. In those situations, nitrile gloves, masks, and shoe covers will be used. If you have an allergy to any of these products, please let us know ahead of time.
  • Sanitization: Our trucks come stocked with disinfectant sprays and sanitizing wipes. After completing a job, your technician will wipe down any areas with which they have had possibly direct skin contact. This includes, but not limited to, equipment, door handles, light switches, etc.
  • Distancing Efforts: Some of our office staff will be relocated to remote locations during the COVID-19 outbreak. In some situations, we may ask to see pictures or videos of your equipment to better understand the problem you want addressed in order to optimize scheduling and help minimize face-to-face contact. We will also practice a 6 ft. social distancing practice when possible.
  • Area-Based Responses: While we will continue to service everyone in the O'Fallon area, we will take extra precautions around clients in areas deemed high-risk by the CDC.

Our Planning Standards

J. Roberts Heating and Cooling will be updating this page regularly as the situation develops. Please check your email and follow us on social media for any updates. If you have any questions regarding this policy or wish to discuss our COVID-19 response plan in more detail, please call (314) 606-1191 or email us.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.