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Air Purifiers

APCO – Detox the Air

Introducing Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation

The award-winning APCO system (Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation) represents an entirely new type of air purifier. APCO is installed in the ductwork of the central air system where it scrubs the air as is passes by. APCO’s unique combination of UV-C light and activated carbon achieves unmatched germ and odor reduction without producing any harmful ozone.

APCO is particularly effective at reducing odor-causing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which include toxic chemical vapors like formaldehyde and toluene.

The Other Two-Thirds

Airborne contaminants can be divided roughly into thirds. Conventional filtration is effective against particulates, like dust, but has no effect on the other two thirds. APCO is proven to safely reduce both VOCs and biological contaminants inside the air system and throughout the home.

Why You Should Consider APCO

Pick A Winner

APCO is a winner of the prestigious AHR Innovation Award, the highest honor in the HVAC industry! There are several APCO models, designed to fit all types of air systems, which all use the the same award-winning technology. Your HVAC contractor will help you select the right one for your home or business

No Worries!

We are so confident in the quality of our design and manufacturing that this product comes with a lifetime warranty on all parts except the UV lamp (which needs to be replaced every one or two years depending on model).


Many air purifiers that claim to reduce odors do so by generating harmful ozone. APCO not only does not produce ozone, it actually removes it from the air!

What APCO Does

Odor Control

Let’s face it, no one wants visiting friends or family to smell the cat box or last night’s garlic sauce. You could use a spray or a candle but those things just perfume the air. What APCO Does: APCO actually removes odors by transforming odor-causing VOC molecules into harmless water vapor and CO2. So keep the cat, and fry that fish!

Clean Coils

The UV-C light in APCO works just as well at keeping AC coils clean as our non-PCO products. Moldy coils shorten the life of the air system and waste energy by reducing efficiency. UV-C light kills the mold and reduces the need for system maintenance.

Indoor Air Quality

According to the EPA indoor air pollution is often five times worse than outdoor and represents a significant health risk. An APCO whole-house air purifier improves indoor air quality by destroying odor-causing and potentially toxic VOCs, while sterilizing mold, bacteria, viruses, and allergens from the air stream.

How APCO Works

Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation in O'Fallon, MO and the Surrounding Areas

APCO detoxes the air with a process called photocatalytic oxidation (PCO), a technology similar to the catalytic converter on your car’s exhaust. UV-C light reacts with titanium dioxide infused into the carbon which effectively disintegrates the captured contaminants, leaving only harmless water vapor and CO2 which are released back into the air. This process leaves the carbon cells clean so they never fill up or need to be replaced. The result is clean, odor-free air throughout the home.

Germ-Killing Power of UV-C Light

For over a century scientists have known about the germ-killing properties of UV-C light. Because this frequency of light is filtered out by the Earth’s atmosphere microorganisms have no defense against it. It works by scrambling their DNA which prevents them from reproducing.

APCO Equipment

APCO Original – UV Disinfection

The original full-size APCO features a 13" Fresh-Aire UV lamp and 6 activated carbon cells. Models include low-voltage 18-32 VAC single or dual (ER, DER) and line-voltage 120-277 single or dual (SI, DI). APCO Dual systems come with an second remote UV lamp which can be mounted where needed for additional UV disinfection in O'Fallon, MO.


APCO X is 33% more effective than our previous model with a UV-C lamp that lasts up to 3 years. With a V-Twin element, the APCO X increases the carbon surface area by over 65%. The Face-plate can be rotated as well, so whether you want it horizontally or vertically, it can be installed.

APCO Mag – UV Lamp

APCO MAG is designed for internal mounting using a magnet (or screws)and is available in an either a 15" lamp (6 cells) or 11" (4 cells) configuration. Models include low-voltage 18-32 VAC single (ER) and line-voltage 120-277 single or dual (ST, DT). APCO MAG Dual systems come with a second remote UV lamp in O'Fallon, MO which can be mounted where needed for additional UV disinfection.


Aprilaire has a vast amount of air purity products to choose from. From humidifiers to dehumidifiers to thermostats and air filters. Learn about their products below and if you're interested in learning more about Aprilaire and their products, check out these three documents:

Aprilaire Air Purifiers

If you hate cleaning, you'll love our Air Purifiers. They help reduce dust and dirt around the home, making dusting an easier task to handle. But they just don't help stop the dust in the air, they help stop the dust that can damage your HVAC system and can lead to expensive repairs. Plus, they help save energy, which also can save you money.

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J. Roberts Heating and Cooling
Address:  O'Fallon, MO 63368
Phone:  314.606.1191
Hours:  Monday - Friday: 8AM to 4PM
Emergency Service Available!
License:  #LC0701639